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The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga, as well as providing a platform for appreciation of the works that have won awards. The 15th Festival received a record 2,714 works from 57 countries and regions around the world, demonstrating its continuing evolution as an established annual international festival.


Artist: YAMAMOTO Yoshihiro
Copyright: YAMAMOTO Yoshihiro
Grand Prize  Art division

Watching this work, the viewer experiences "differences" at various levels such as time, speakers [in the video] and subtitles. Two twin sisters filmed at different locations talk in a gentle manner about an incident that occurred in their early childhood.

Through the appearance of images, voices and subtitles on two screens simultaneously, the viewer gradually notices subtle content-related differences in the twins’ descriptions of the same incident. Focusing on the information obtained from one screen means at once disregarding the other, so just like in the sisters' memories, details get mixed up and ambiguous.


Artist: BrianAlfred
Copyright: Brian ALFRED
Exverllence Award of Arts division

This is an animation that depicts as its motif the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which the creator witnessed in his youth on television in real time. Actual voiceovers from the time of the accident have been used effectively in this low-key animation, in which all of the frames have been created using drawings, featuring only abstract shapes and colors. By taking an actual incident as its motif, this work symbolically represents the tragedies that occur in the ptogress of human development.

Artist: UEKI Hideharu
Copyright: UEKI Hideharu
New face Award of Arts division

This is a work that comically films scenes that every one has imagined when on board a train. The character, a white figure synthesized against a blue background, bounds along over the roofs and telegraph poles in the landscape seen from the window of the train. This was actually shooted on a bullet train journey lasting about an hour, from Tokyo to Shizuoka, and was created by skillfully combining the leaping figure with a video of the same length.

Artists: SATO Masahiko + EUPHRATES
Copyright: EUPHRATES
Jury Selections
of Arts division

Rotoscoping is an animation technique that is normally used by tracing the outlines of objects. For this experimental film, the technique was developed in order to trace the dance moves of a ballerina. Lines visualizing her movements accurately were subsequently generated and synthesized with mathematically manipulated animations. Through the interrelation of live-action footage and animation, the work pursues a new form of beauty that differs from the intrinsic aesthetic of ballet.
Artist: SATO Masaharu
Masaharu Sato
Jury Selections of Arts division

This digitally animated film, based on a popular enka (Japanese ballad) was drawn using Photoshop and a graphics tablet. Against the backdrop of city scenes from the artist's hometown of Toride, Ibaraki, a man and a woman in the form of an angel and a devil weave a melodramatic tale that unfolds in an endless loop.

With a sharp eye and skilled hand, the artist depicts the desolate landscape of rural Japan, the footpaths between rice paddies under constantly falling rain, and the tired old houses, reproducing the mysterious incongruity and lingering disquiet that characterize the world of enka.
[Behind the scene & Digest]

Artists: OYAGI Tsubasa / BABA Kampei /
NOZOE Takeshi / John POWELL
Grand Prize of Entertainment Division

In this project on the theme of "connecting this planet's feelings," a Galaxy SII smartphone attached to a special balloon was launched into the stratosphere up to an altitude of 30,000 meters above the state of Nevada, USA. Scenes from the 90-minute flight were broadcast via satellite on Ustream, while Twitter users were encouraged to send "messages to space," which were eventually displayed on the Galaxy SII during its journey, and transmitted in real-time across the globe along with views from space. In this extreme communication environment, there were many tweets supporting the Japanese and American staff who had committed themselves to the project's success, and total audience topped 380,000 people.
Artist: TANAKA Hideyuki
Ki/oon Records Inc.
Exverllence Award of Entertainment Division

A music video for the rock band Group Tamashiiled by ABE Sadao and KUDO Kankuro. The images of an unidentifiable haircreature marching through the Kabukicho district of Shinjyku feel strangely poignatagainst against a contrasting background of dazzling neon signs  and people coming and going through the dimlylit streets. It is a work that gives further depth to the images shot using simple techniques.
Artist: Omodaka
Copyright: HIRANO Ryo
New Face Award of Entertainment Division

This music video by Omodaka blends a composition by Soichi Terada, based on the Miyazaki Prefecture folk song Hietsuki Bushi, with a colorful hand-drawn animation by Ryo Hirano. With visuals based on the theme of "agriculture and space" set to a composition featuring a unique beat and the distinctive vocals of folk singer Akiko Kanazawa, this visual expresses fantastic imagery that transcends time and space. A mystical world in which nostalgia and whimsy coexist is born.
/ THE 250km

Artist: FURUKAWA Yuya
Copyright: Kyushu Railway Company
Jury Selections of Entertainment Division

A television commercial recording an event to celebrate the opening of the JR Kyushu bullet train route across the island with people living in Kyushu. As the special shinkansen made a test run from Kagoshima-Chuo Station bound for Hakata Station in Fukuoka before the official opening, more than 10,525 Kyushu residents gathered along the track, waving and jumping for the cameras on board in a testament to the appeal of Kyushu and its people.

Artists: KOBAYASHI Hiroyasu / MATSUI Yusuke / MIYAGI Takeshi / SUZUKI Takashi / FUKUZAWA Hitomi  (KDB)
Copyright: King Records,Co.,Ltd.
Jury Selections of Entertainment Division

A music video to accompany pair* Factory MIX, the second maxi-single from the virtual pop idol duo meaw. The singers, twin girls from outer space, dance and sing in a factory setting, the presentation hinting at new possibilities for Japanimation and technology. It is a work that unifies the massive sound of its song with 3DCG visual effects: the Japanese anime appeal of its characters and its impersonal, finely detailed industrial backdrop.
Artists: HARANO Morihiro / NISHIDA Jun /
HISHIKAWA Seiichi / MATSUO Kenjiro /
TSUDA Mitsuo / OISO Toshifumi
Copyright: HARANO Morihiro
Jury Selections of Entertainment Division

A commercial for cell phones that use lumber thinned from a woodlot as backing. The woodlot artisans used the same lumber to construct a 44-meter xylophone down a slope through the woods, and a wooden ball set to run along it plays Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, from Bach’s Cantata 147. The product’s ecological concept is delivered along with a beautiful setting and music.
Artist: SHIMIZU Yasuhiko
Copyright: Voquething
Selections of Entertainment Division

A music video of DADA by RADWIMPS. The letters and characters of the lyrics appear as human-sized physical objects with the band members, giving the visuals a high tempo that nicely fits the driving music. An entertaining work with a stripped-down performance that maintains its energy to the very end.
MADOKA MAGICA [Original Version]

Artist: SHIMBŌ Akiyuki
Copyright: Aniplex Inc / HAKUHODO Inc. / Nitroplus / MBS /
SHAFT INC. / movic
Grand Prize of Animation Division

One day, Madoka Kaname, an ordinary junior high school student, has a strange dream. When she goes to school the following day, the girl she saw in her dream, Homura, has transferred to her school. Homura speaks some profoundly meaningful words to Madoka, who is perplexed. After school that day, Madoka strays into a "witch’s barrier," and is rescued from a terrible predicament by a magical girl called Mami. She eventually learns the truth about the beings called "magical girls." What choice will Madoka make, now that she has discovered the truth amidst the complex tapestry of time and human relationships?
Artist: YAMAMURA Koji
Copyright: National Film Board of Canada / NHK / Polygon Pictures
Exverllence Award of Animation Division

Eadweard Muybridge's successful attempt to photograph the continuous motion of a galloping horse in 1878 had a tremendous impact on the birth of film. This animation depicts scenes from the photographer's life, along with pictures of a modern mother and daughter. The contrast of these spatially and temporally different worlds inspires the viewer to think about "time." While traveling backward and forward between California and Tokyo, and the 19th and 21st centuries, there is a magical quality in the way in which this animation depicts the tumultuous life of Muybridge; in addition, the scenes showing the affectionate relationship between a mother and daughter are very striking. Eadweard Muybridge's successful attempt to photograph the continuous motion of a galloping horse in 1878 had a tremendous impact on the birth of film. This animation depicts scenes from the photographer's life, along with pictures of a modern mother and daughter. The contrast of these spatially and temporally different worlds inspires the viewer to think about "time."
Artists: Mathieu VERNERIE / Pauline DEFACHELLES /
Exverllence Award of Animation Division

This film, which is created entirely in CG, carefully depicts in grat detail, with unsurpassed artisitic ablility, the daily life of an elderly fisherman who lives in an isolated fishing village.Irish folk songs resound strilingly throughout various scenes. It is the graduation work of students currently studying at Supinfocom Valencienneds, the French animation college


Artist: UEKUSA Wataru
Copyright: Wataru Uekusa All Rights Reserved
New Face Award of Animation Division

This is a Humorous animate work in which a young girl walks through a mysterious town with both tranquil fields and buildings, followed by various monsters. The thoughts and feelings of the young girl as she daydreams are visualized on a monitore screen or by being likened to the forms of the monsters; the closed inner world of a young girl is depicted incisively, against a soudtrack of uptempo music.
Artist: Andrea DEPPERT
Copyright: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Institut
für Animation, Visual Effects und digitale Postproduktion
New Face Award of Animation Division

As a result of a clever synthesis of 3D computer graphics, carved wooden dolls move around in this animated fantasy film. The tale develops after Rabenjung, who is despised by the boys of the village, meets a beautiful girl one day.

Artist: ISHIDA Hiroyasu
Copyright: Hiroyasu Ishida / Kyoto Seika University
New Face Award of Animation Division

Some time ageo, the rain began to fall incessantly, and the citizens left rain town, headed for the suburbs and higher ground. This is a work that uses only tranquil music and the sond of falling rain to gentlydepict scenes of a rather dark, yet beautiful world that makes one feel a certain sense of loneliness and nostalgia.
Artist: NAKANISHI Yoshihisa
Copyright: Nakanishi Yoshihisa
Jury Selections of Animation Division

In this experimental stop-motion animation, a large number of people pass among each other in a variety of basic movements: running, walking, climbing, descending. Eventually there is a change in their movements; they become rhythmical, as if at a festival. Their silhouettes cut out of paper become papery sculptures, take on 3D form, and start to move with a 3D "phenakistoscope" persistence-of-motion effect. As in the proverb "fall seventimes, rise eight," the work conveys a sense of determination to rise up many times in the face of hardship.
Artist: OKAMOTO Masanori
Copyright: Masanori OKAMOTO / Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts
Jury Selections of Animation Division

A time-lapse aniation with outdoor backgrrounds, using a techinique called "cut-out," in which different shapes made from drawing paper are photographed one by one. Drawn on paper and photographed in real-world bakgounds, the figure of BONNIEs expresses hapinessness in a blowing wind, and through 2 and 3-dimensional matching a series of everyday experiences and vaguely familliar background link in a series of special moments.
Artist: SUZUKI Shungo
Copyright: Shungos animations
Jury Selections of Animation Division

In a little garden that could be anywhere, the plants and insects undergo a magnificent and dizzying series of transformations. The detailed observation of these insects in all their dynamism speaks of a profound respect for life and the life force. The vivid colors against the pure-black backdrop creates a dazzling sequence of images and makes the viewer aware of the powerful transient beauty of life.
Artist: MIZUE Mirai
Copyright: MIRAI MIZUE
Jury Selections of Animation Division

Cuboid shapes continue to transform endlessly in rhythm to the up-tempo music. Visual images are depicted by only three linear movements- a vertical line and oblique lines of 60 and 120 degrees- as its components, and while it looks very simple at first, the shapes in their simple lines and granulated motifs gradually taken on more complicated forms and layers, and in their multiplicity begin to suggest something instinctive.