22th to 27th sept 09   |  Español

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what is?

who are?


committe advisor



art - innovation call


What is?

"At times of crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Is it a bird…? A new planet…? A computer virus…? It is a vitamin that brings the nutrients needed to develop the imagination, Annual dose is recommended.

International Meeting for all sectors related to art and digital culture, for ideas that will allow us to design the future of technological innovation.

It will embrace contemporary artistic expression related to innovation and new media: music, performance, urban art, installations and exhibitions of electronic art, open tech, workshops, conferences, roundtables, digital cinema, 3d animation…

It is aimed at the art world, institutions, businesses and/or participants from the different technology sectors, from multimedia art and the general public.

It combines both recreational and educational aspects of art and culture within the framework of formal presentations and workshops.

It aims to strengthen the linkage between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology and Business in order to construct a Knowledge Society for all.

International meeting:

Institutional representatives of culture and innovation, national and international.

Professionals of culturals industries.

Artists, agents, curators...

Directors of museum, art centers , galleries, development and organizers of festivals, cultural and musical events.

Thinkers of the technological company and of the knowledge. Scientific disclosure and transfer of know-how.

Professionals of the record industry, theatrical, sonorous art and performance, of digital movies, animation and videogames of multinational and independent companies.

Professionales of new technology distribution companies.

Manufacturers, importing and distributors of software and hardware and data processing applications.

Teaching staff of artistic schools, universities.

Generic press and specialized in areas of the art, culture, data processing, multimedia and Internet.

Professionals of marketing, dvertaisy and fashion.

Multimedia and graphic designers.

Other sectors and the public in general.

Who are?

ESPACIO ENTER is a project  created and directed by  ART TECH MEDIA , non-profit international cultural organization founded and directed by the artists Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco. Its aims are the creation, organization, promotion and direction of different events for the development of the Arts and the Digital Culture, to prompt and to fortify the alliance among Art, Science, Technology, Innovation and the Society, the cross debate, the reflection and the elaboration of proposals and contents by means of the philosophy of open code, that impact positively in the creation of the Knowledge Society.

ART TECH MEDIA is a Meeting Platform for all sectors linked to art and new media for reflecting upon, analysing and debating across disciplines for the preparation of proposals related to cultural policy, coordination and optimisation of resources, artistic production and research and their promotion at a global level.             


Committe Advisor

It is the responsible for designing the content of the different areas.  It is constituted by prominent Spanish and international personalities. 

Institutions and organizations invited

Ministery of  Culture; Ministery of Industry, Comerce and Tourism; Ministery of Innovation and Science; Ministeryof  Education; Ministery of Foreing; Instituto Cervantes; Casa de América; Casa Asia; Casa Arabe; Regional Communities; Locals Authoryties; Museum´s Asociations; Visual Artist´s Asociations; Asociations of Art Critic; of Art Gallery; of Rights; Universities; Mass media; Corporation´s Foundations and Asociations of Tecnologic Companies; Research Centers...


Artistic, cultural and university.

Research Centers and productions.

Technologic Companies and corporated.

Foundations and organizatios in relation with art and culture.

Mass media.

Newtkworks of production and communication digital programs.

Observatories and  Arts Councils.

International Intitution´s Committes.